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Waking the Dreamer Within Festival

A rare event is occurring in Longmont Coloardo, (20 minutes from Boulder), August 8-11. Teachers, Musicians, Artists, Writers and Dreamers of all sorts are gathering to explore all things creative! This event is the brainchild of Billie Ortiz, long time Dream-work teacher and community organizer. Candace Pert Ph.D. and Rev. Jeremy Taylor, will be keynote speakers. Both are well known book authors and experts in their fields. Candace is most famous for her book “Molecules of Emotion” and has done so much in the way of scientific research to prove our body cells have a consciousness of their own. She refers to “the body” as the subconscious mind. Fascinating! The Rev. Jeremy Taylor has spent years helping the world learn the value of dreams – that they all come in the service of “health and wholeness.” ¬†There will be a very interesting discussion at this gathering called “The Evolution of Consciousness”, which I am really looking forward to! There will be a whole array of workshops from writers and poets and spiritual teachers, topped off by a Costume Dream Ball.

Sherry Puricelli and I, will be hosting a workshop using the Mystic Illumination Tarot cards we’ve created. Mystic Illumination Tarot is not only an exploration of tarot archetypes, but a way to become a Master Alchemist in your life’s journey. This unique way of living the tarot will focus on using Jung’s Feeling Functions, (Thinking, Feeling, Intuition, Sensation), as a way of opening oneself totally and altering one’s own energy vibration. We’ll employ music, dream theatre, poetry, image and a whole lot of fun! The tarot cards and book sets will be available for purchase, here on, soon. So stay tuned! We will report all the details after the happy event.

If you are interested in attending or sharing the information, go to Blessings, Brenda Ferrimani

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