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The Door Within – Mystic Illumination Tarot


Poets know the language of the universe;
for in their silent words
we see the invisible
and know the unknown.

We’re invited to open the door to the sage within,
and carry our inner treasure wherever we go.
There exists a place within us all
that knows the mysteries of the universe.

This place remembers who we are and why we are here.
This place knows the divinity from whence we came.

This place exists in all of life,
in every breath,
within each dew drop.

It knows the order within the chaos, 
the formless within form,
the changeless within change,
the stillness within movement.

This eternal essence,
this Divine essence 
helps me find my way when I am lost,
offers quiet where there is noise,
calls out to me
to just BE.
This place lives inside me.

Copyright Sherry Puricelli 2012

If this card has found its way to you, your life may at times feel crowded, loud, and confusing. You may find yourself seeking a respite from all of the noise and distractions of the world.

Accept this invitation from Self and enter the sacred sanctuary within. The journey of the soul is an inner quest. Heed the call. Stand up and speak up for your divine inheritance. You owe it to yourself.

Sanctuary doesn’t have to be an escape from the world, a lapse in the chaos.

There exists a stillness that is not to be confused with stagnation.
The Earth catapults itself 93 million miles at a rate of 18 1/2 miles per second, all while spinning, tilted 1000 miles per hour and yet, from where we are, it feels as if we are standing still.

Amidst its winds of change and turbulent emotional waters, in its center, even the hurricane contains calm, peaceful waters.
Know this and remember that divinity is available in every breath, in every step, in every moment. You need only open the door and allow.

There is an essence, constant and formless, which directs all of matter.
Like a best friend your soul mirrors the invisible realms within you, lifting you up, expanding your boundaries, your vision and your joy.
Be open to this all-knowing, all-seeing divinity living and breathing within you.

Within the noise, there is silence.
Within the distraction, there is divine order.
Within the chaos, peace resides.
Be still and know…

If this card has shown up in your reading the following questions may be helpful:
What is my soul whispering in this moment?
How am I creating space to listen?
Where/what is my sanctuary?
What is my inner knowing?

Copyright Sherry Puricelli 2012


Here is the second in our Full Moon Dream Tarot series. This tarot progression is being created as a result of mutual dreams and synchronicities between Dreaming Global Illumination cofounders Brenda Ferrimani and Sherry Puricelli. We will continue sharing the cards as they are created.

We hope you enjoy our version of the hermit card, artwork provided by Brenda Ferrimani with poetry and commentary by Sherry Puricelli.

As you spend time with this card, we encourage you to open your heart’s door, go within, and experience your Hermit archetype for yourself.

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