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Soul Strength – Mystic Illumination Tarot


 I’ve  loved you for lifetimes,

— or was it just a day?

 I could trace your ancient memories

through the cobwebs of my sleep.

My fingertips , they peer into your gaze,

revealing  mysteries of the deep.

The seeds of your love stand tall,

firmly rooted in the fertile soils of my soul,

leaving a pattern of recognition

in the landscape of my heart.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you;

no darkness too dark,

no journey too far,

No misdeeds

my compassionate heart  wouldn’t melt away.

I’d smile for you,

keep time for you,

speak up for you,

and hold the line for you.

I’d cross the miles for you,

make music for you,

record the history of you,

and even walk away from  you. 

Our souls are intertwined

from the roots

to the stars,

connecting the yesterday of tomorrow 

into the today of eternity.

Your  love lives on

in everything I touch,

in the pattern of my bones

and the breath of my heart.

What I wouldn’t give

to watch you as you grow

from the you I remember

into the star that you are.

I’ll  hold you forever in my arms of love,

holding tenderly to

the You I know you to be.

Journey on my love,

journey on

as I journey home.    

— Copyright Sherry Puricelli 2012


If this card has found its way into your reading, you are in a place of tremendous strength, power, courage, …  and vulnerability!

The word courage is derived from the latin root, cor,  which means heart.

Brene Brown says that courage is ”to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.”


You are being called to see your animal nature,

and when you do, you will find yourself  looking into the eyes,

the windows of the soul,

and seeing all of yourself.


This is not about seeing the good stuff and sweeping away the bad;

it’s about seeing, REALLY seeing…

all of it, the shadow and the light,


without villainizing one fraction

of  one-billionth of

one percent

of who you are;


and feeling, REALLY feeling,

without shielding, without numbing –

every emotion that’s ever been available to you..

Imagine each fingertip containing the blueprint of every feeling you’ve ever known.


You will be left feeling exposed and vulnerable,

and this will set you free!


Be willing to connect

with a compassionate heart,

without any guarantees.


At times this can feel unstable,

a bit slippery,

as if you’re  trying to walk in jello.


Let go of the struggle.

Don’t attempt to stand.

Let yourself fall

into the mystery of life

and everything that you are.


Release the answers and embrace the questions.

To connect with others you  must be masterful in connecting with your self.

You must be courageous enough to embrace ALL of yourself if you are to be able to embrace others.

This runs contrary to everything our society teaches and yet it is true.


Your greatest power, your greatest strength,

the thing that requires the most courage,

is the ability to see your truth

and to love unconditionally,  without reservations.


Are you ready?


If this card has shown up in your reading, the following questions may be helpful:

What qualities am I ready to see in myself?

In what ways am I willing to be vulnerable?

How can I be more compassionate with myself, with others?

What needs to be revealed to me in this moment?

Copyright Sherry Puricelli 2012


Introducing the latest in our Full Moon Dream Tarot series – SOUL STRENGTH.

We hope you enjoy this card as much as we have enjoyed creating it.  The imagery is created by Brenda Ferrimani and the poetry and commentary are rendered by Sherry Puricelli.

Our personal dreams and synchronicities have bestowed the material for this tarot card. While deeply personal, we believe you may also relate to the archetypal energies depicted in the image and the words.  We will appreciate your feedback/comments.

Wishing you love, blessings, and soul strength, Sherry & Brenda

2 Responses to Soul Strength – Mystic Illumination Tarot

  • Nora Dixon says:

    Hi Sherry,

    Just want you to know, I have begun my work with this card. It has had a liberating feeling, and I want to continue exploring this. As I have heard often, “just what I needed at the time I needed it” Thank you so much for your work, and your generosity of spirit in sharing it with us.
    Lucky lucky us!!!

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    • Sherry Puricelli says:

      Thank you, Nora, from the bottom of my heart, for your sweet words. I feel honored that this archetype is touching you as deeply as it touches me. I hope your journey into ‘soul strength’ will continue to be liberating.
      Wishing you love, blessings, and soul strength,

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