Sherry Puricelli

I’m a Dream Coach and self-proclaimed Modern-Day Mystic. In my work, I partner with individuals who are ready to benefit from dreams of all types:

  • dreams described as aspirations/goals, passions, higher callings, and life purpose
  • dreams during sleep
  • lucid, meditative, contemplative, and shamanic dreams; and
  • waking dreams such as synchronicities, serendipities, and imagination.

I’ve discovered that all such dreams are connected and I will teach you how to recognize and value their gifts.

A “seeker” by nature, I enjoy assisting other seekers. I will accompany you on your personal journey toward inner peace, whether you are in transition or simply walking your path, hoping to overcome any obstacles.

I will share tools, techniques, and customized ceremonies as well as personal observation and insights to empower you along the way. Together, to get to the heart of the matter, we may employ mystical traditions such as Tarot, Numerology, Synchronicity, Awareness, and a Dreamer’s State of Mind to gain clarity, peace of mind, and higher guidance as a lifestyle choice.

If you’re searching for something more in life, regardless of your religious and spiritual preferences or lack thereof, let’s walk together and create the Dream of your Highest choosing.

By combining inner exploration with your outer journey, I will encourage you to express your authentic, soul-level, natural state of being.

I’m the owner of CT- based AWAKENDREAM Coaching Services, LLC., a collaborative outreach organization dedicated to the nurturing of body, mind, and spirit. Offerings are provided in a style that invites sampling workshops, classes, seminars, retreats and one-to-one coaching so you can create your own customized Whole-Life program to fit your individual lifestyle. Programs are offered in person, online, telephonically, or a combination of each.

My credentials include Master of Health Administration and Master of Divinity degrees as well as Reiki II Certification in the Usui system of Natural Healing. I’m an ordained metaphysical minister and a graduate of CoachU. With more than 20 years of multiple approaches to dreamwork under my belt, I’m committed to the IASD Code of Ethics which supports and honors the individual dreamer and the dream. I will never tell you what your dream means… Instead, I will invite you to open up your dreaming potential to live your soul’s Big Dream!

or call 203-779-5635 to schedule your customized session