Jennifer Passiglia

By day I am a single mother of two beautiful children. By trade, I am an attorney. Yes, you heard me correctly…I am an attorney. I live in a small town in the middle of Kansas. I have spent much of my adult life following an educational and career path that was socially acceptable. I have practiced law in Kansas for over 14 years. With a lot of support and encouragement from some very amazing women (Yes, the ones that you will find here at Dreaming Global Illumination), I recently opened my own office. Now, I find I have much more time to explore my true passion…The Tarot.

From the time I was a child I was aware of my guides and very in tune with my intuition. My guides have always remained with me, even when I strayed from my path. As an adult I began my quest to understand my higher purpose…and more importantly I wanted to understand why certain things were happening in my life, and why were certain patterns repeating themselves over and over. Like so many others, I began a quest for enlightenment…the search for a true connection with something bigger than myself. I began exploring many different methods of divination. I explored astrology and numerology, I read up on many religions, I started collecting crystals and stones, and I started paying attention to the synchronicities in my life.

Then one year for Christmas, when my children were very young, I was given a deck of tarot cards. I was intrigued, but must admit, I did not bond with the first deck. I soon went in search of “my” deck. I discover my deck of cards when they literally fell off a bookstore shelf and landed at my feet. When I opened this deck and held them in my hand I could feel the energy. As I began looking at each card the images leapt off the cards a played out a story before my eyes! In that moment, I knew I had been given a gift.

For years my gift for tarot was something I shared with myself and some of my close friends and family. I would often have dreams where I would be sharing my gift with others, but upon waking I was never sure how a small town attorney from the Bible belt could ever share such a gift. Then one of the greatest synchronicities of my life…I joined an online group names “Synchronicity” where I offered to do some free tarot readings. One of my first readings was for Sherry Treadaway Puricelli. That one choice has led me down a path I always dreamed of, but never imagined could be possible.

Today, I am the face behind Enlighten Tarot, a Facebook page that offers education, insight, wisdom and guidance through the use of the tarot. I am also a team member with Dreaming Global Illumination, a group of amazing women making a huge difference in lives of people across the world.