Guiding Principles for Dream Sharing

Our goal is to promote and foster dream work as an approach to learning, living, and growing.
Our vision is to cultivate an environment of respect for dreamers and dreaming, while seeking wholeness, charting our growth, and having fun.

We understand that all dreams have multiple meanings and layers of significance.

We invite exploration into multiple ways to “interpret” and understand the nature of dreams:

Literal, Metaphoric/symbolic, Spiritual, Psi, Therapeutic, Guidance, Learning, Healing.

We encourage multiple approaches including, but not limited to techniques pioneered by Carl Jung and Montague Ullman, and great dream teachers such as Robert Moss and Jeremy Taylor.

You are the ultimate authority on what your dreams mean to you — Some authorities even recommend that, over time, you create your own Dream Symbol Dictionary with your own personal reference. While we may invite feedback, we NEVER allow anyone to tell us, “your dream means…”

We use the “if it were my dream” format because we recognize that when we offer our insight into someone else’s dream, we are “projecting” through our own filters with our own references and beliefs.

We have the option of simply sharing our dream, or sharing our dream and requesting feedback. We can change our minds at anytime. In our dream sharing we do not have to reveal anything we do not feel comfortable sharing and we can stop at any time.

We support and abide by the IASD Dream Work Ethics statement: