Glory Nelson

Founder of Utah based Awake N Dream, I am a Dream and Life Coach who has spent many years helping individuals realize their life’s purpose by exploring their sleeping dreams and real life synchronicities.

I grew up in the heart of New York City and as a young child, my mother would find me daydreaming, visualizing scenarios, and off in my own little world.  I realized then that there was more to life than living in NYC. Ironic isn’t it? Most people leave a small town to find a better life in the Big Apple, but I did just the opposite.  I headed off on my spiritual path and I found myself. The real me! I have studied many different religions and I hold so many dear to my heart.  Currently, I have fallen in love with the Mystical Qabalah which for me is a rich and never-ending study. My other passion is Dreamwork.  Working with dreams has shown me how to live a more meaningful life.  I no longer have to carve out time for my spiritual practices, instead it has become part of my every waking moment.

I can show you how to make this change in your own everyday life.

I have found a way to tap into a mystical map I didn’t even know existed. This map can lead you into a joyful and more purposeful life.  I love working with individuals who are ready and willing to find their own map and learn how to read the many signs and personal symbols along the way.

Working on your dreams together, we are able to point the Divine flashlight into those areas of your journey that need illuminating.  This is a fun and exciting process that can be incorporated into your busy and everyday life. To achieve this, I use many different techniques and tools like the Tarot, Synchronicities, Numerology, Energy Touch, and the Mystical Qabalah. I also work in customizing meditations for centering and visualizing the next steps of your journey, as well as creating real-life activities to help you understand your messages for a meaningful, real life result.

In addition to Dream work and Coaching, I am a writer, artist and singer. I have a degree from F.I.T./NYC and I am in the process of finishing my Bachelors in Metaphysical Science.  I have facilitated Dream Circles for my community and have studied at the Inner Light Institute in Salt Lake for over 8 years.


In my previous career, I used to design and create beautiful pieces of jewelry using precious gems. In my current career, I am able to help others design and create a customized life plan using their precious dreams.


Glory Nelson

-Dream, Life, and Spiritual Coach

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