Glenna Bain

I practice Intuitive Astrology, viewing the astrological birth chart as a map of the soul and using it as a tool for self awareness. My ideal client is a person who is motivated to live up to their highest potential AND desires to maximize their quality of life.

Why did I choose to be an Astrologer? The simple answer is, my first astrological reading completely changed my life. Had I known there was a way to get to “the nitty gritty of the inner wiring” so efficiently I’d have had a reading years ago. Truthfully, I was afraid the astrologer might say something I really didn’t want to hear. The compassionate reading of my chart by a skilled and compassionate astrologer led me to the liberating realizations. People are not “one size fits all”. Instead, we are each designed in accordance with our soul’s true intention. The astrological chart holds the key to unlocking these insights and one can utilize them to enrich life.

Combining astrological and intuitive insights, I invite the client to explore their deepest desires, discerning potential blockages and encouraging living in alignment with ones unique life purpose. Together we access empowerment through greater self awareness, personal growth and healing. Free will reigns supreme.

My degree is in Social Welfare from the University of Washington in 1981…… so I’m old! : ) I hold a Level II Certificate from Steven Forrest’s Astrological Apprenticeship program. Prior to my career in Astrology I worked in higher education as a communication facilitator, sign language interpreter and mediator. I have five children ranging in age from 25 to 9 and enjoy traveling and exploring various cultures and traditions. Communication is my passion/gifting and my life purpose is to help people gain access to and be supported in living the life of their dreams. I love my “job” and work with clients all over the world, doing readings in person as well as via Skype and by phone. I will email you a file after your reading which contains a recording of your session. I also offer “Your Stars in Your Jammies” parties where you can invite friends and enjoy learning about astrology in a group context. These gatherings are great fun! For further information and interesting/helpful astrological tidbits check out my web site at You can also receive helpful updates from my Facebook page by friending me at Seeing Heart Astrology w/Glenna Bain on Facebook or contact me via email at I will look forward to exploring possibilities together!
Joyful blessings!