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DIVINE CHILD – Mystic Illumination Tarot


My eyes, my eyes…

Innocent, you may say,

precocious you may say,

trusting, you may say,

imaginitive you may say…

My eyes, my eyes,

a child’s eyes,

they’ve seen so very much,

Lifetimes caught on tape,

snapshots held for millenniums

in the cellular memory of a moment.

Innocence, vulnerability, and beauty,

pain, fighting, and confusion,

witnessed with all-seeing, all-knowing, wise owl-eyes,

in full color

and 360 degree vision,

in reel-time,

captured and held for eternity.

Parts of me,

in pieces,

hidden away,

mouth washed out,

and seeing…

I know the culprit.

My eyes don’t lie.

Got to come clean.

They’re coming for me.

I’ve got to tell.

I can’t keep ME hidden for a moment longer.

My eyes, my eyes;

they know,

hidden underground,

behind my childlike gaze,

beneath my silver eyelashes,

peering through the windows of my soul,

My eyes see my Divine Child standing in dancer’s pose,

Parts of me I’ve kept at bay

with secret looks,

containers, and cold storage.

My eyes, they smile,

knowing I came from the heavens

for this tiny  moment in time,

pulling my boat behind me,

knowing concrete barriers

and restraining orders

cannot contain me for a moment longer.

On the labyrinth of my  reality show,

are  laughter, tears, magic, and humanity.

There is the cauldron of me

living, singing, and dancing the soup of my life.

My eyes, my eyes

seeing me,

claiming my own space in the world





I don’t ask you to agree with me,

I don’t ask you to understand me,

I don’t ask you to categorize me,

I don’t ask you to affirm me,

I don’t even ask you to love me.

I  only ask one thing of you…

My eyes, my eyes,

Please, oh pretty please—

Witness me.

—copyright, Sherry Puricelli 2013

Divine Child commentary:

If this card has revealed itself to you, be ready to show up! Be ready to fully experience life with your senses awakened, and be ready to walk  a vast array of emotions, all the way through to the other side.


The Divine Child is the archetypal star of the hero’s journey, found in myth and legend.  The child inside, with its Divine spark, the one with the all-seeing eyes, is ready to lead you through the journey, through your archetypes, and through your life.


As you embark on this new journey of self-discovery, strip away any labels, agendas, stories, and expectations. Show up with the spirit of a child, the wisdom of the ages, and your divinity. Let go of knowing and rediscover wonder.


It’s all in the way you show up.


Life is not a game to be won or lost. Its a game to be played, a dance to be danced. You were not born to be innocent or perfect or to live an innocent or perfect life. You came here to fully immerse yourself in all of life’s messiness, its imperfections, its craziness, its wonderfully  wild and unpredictable  dramatic splendor.


Be ready for a new day, a new experience, a new you.


In the past, you may have been wounded. You may have built walls around yourself for protection. Parts of you may have been hidden away, covered up, or perhaps, simply waiting to be discovered in new ways. You may not have been ready — but you are ready now. One can see it in your eyes.


Know this —

The enormity of you knows no bounds. You have the capacity to withstand tremendous heartbreak and to love again, to experience inexplicable joy and to see it pass, to survive physical and emotional trauma and to heal in profound and prolific ways.


Burn down the walls,  let yourself out, and let life in.

See through the crack of your imperfections and experience the magnificance of who you are, who you can be in full potentiality.


This is your birthday. The person you were yesterday is no more. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get back the you that you were. So…. what to do? Start where you are. Hold the space of who you are in this moment and fully experience — as only you can. Be the witness to you. Participate in you. Experience you.


Your eyes are the windows to your soul and your soul is ready to be seen, to be discovered. This is the celebration of your birth.  A new part of you is ready to show up. Breathe…





Which walls or barriers am I ready to relinquish?

What am I  ready to glean from life’s imperfections?

What part of me is ready to be experienced?

What part of me is my soul ready to witness?

What part of me is ready to show up?

What does my Divine Child wish to show me in this moment?


Artwork by Brenda Ferrimani, Poem and Commentary by Sherry Puricelli, all work protected by copyright, and not to be used without permission

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If you'd like to explore your dreams in more depth, our team is available for one-on-one sessions. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email To contact Brenda or Sherry click here for more information: contact

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