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Mystic Illumination THE INITIATE – Demo Deck and E-Book

To IASD participants who already purchased the Initiate Demo Deck, THANK YOU!

To get your accompanying e-book, copy/paste the following e-mail address:




and we will e-mail your high-resolution Mystic Illumination THE INITIATE E-book.


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California Dreaming!

Hi, Sherry Puricelli here. Hope you will join me and dream artist, Brenda Ferrimani in Berkeley, California as we present “Shared Dreams, Art, and Poetry: Gateways to Personal Alchemy and Human Evolution,” a real-life artistic experience of living the archetypal… Continue reading

To deepen your experience...

If you'd like to explore your dreams in more depth, our team is available for one-on-one sessions. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email To contact Brenda or Sherry click here for more information: contact

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