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Artist Priestess – Mystic Illumination Tarot


Noticing the wrinkle in Maya’s veil

I reach upward, grasping it, shaking it loose,

and smoothing it out so all can see

the in-between space

and Divinity hiding in plain sight.

With my feet on the ground

I reach high into the heavens,

retrieving the gods and goddesses within the cosmos

and bringing them home

through dreams, ritual and ceremony.

I’m a gateway

bridging the worlds

between seen and unseen,

inner and outer,

life and the dream.

In my natural state,

I create a space for the Infinite to enter,

to guide,

to comfort,

to ignite my internal flame.

This fire burns inside me

infusing sweetness of my heart’s yearning

with the depths of my being…

My soul’s force paws at the ground

waiting to be released,

answering to no external authority.

Something inside has been awakened

that can be contained no longer.

Truth seeks expression through me.

My creativity takes on a life of its own;

though I attempt to embody it,

to harness it,

and ride it into form.

Instead it changes me

from the inside, out.

In ways personal to me,

my inner landscape is painted onto the canvas,

my heartbeat is the rhythm for my dance,

my soul and voice harmonize into song,

and my lyrical spirit is transformed into poetry.

My art is alive!

My art is divine.   

I believe I am molding the clay,

but the clay is shaping me.

-Copyright Sherry Puricelli, 2013

We hope you enjoy Artist Priestess, the latest in our Full Moon Dream Tarot Series. Artwork by Brenda Ferrimani, Poetry and commentary by Sherry Puricelli

If this card has appeared in your reading, you are in a place of majesty and grace. Whether you realize it or not, you have your own personal relationship with divinity.

Some may say you march to the beat of your own drum. How correct they are! You do not subscribe to some of the traditional hierarchical philosophies or beliefs. While your spirituality encompasses the fundamental truths found in all religions, your religion is not from the outside. You listen to soul whispers from within. Be not afraid of this power within you. Intuition is your friend. You see what others may not see and you know things others may not know. This is your gift. This is your power.

Your spiritual center keeps you grounded. Dream, ritual and ceremony are tools of your trade. Knowing the language of the universe, you are a master of manifesting. Alchemy is achieved through the blending of the infinite with your creative force as it is expressing through you.

In this moment, you may be feeling that your expression cannot be contained any longer or you will burst! Do not fight it. Direct it! Engage in creative ventures. What others may not realize is that this creative force is necessary for your survival. You express for the sake of expressing, not for external recognition or reward. Your personal authority directs you. Take this opportunity to claim authority of your own connection with the infinite, with your own body, your own voice, your own form of expression. The truth is within you and the truth will set you free! 

If this card has shown up in your reading, the following questions may be helpful:

What am I wanting to express in this moment?

What are the soul whispers I’m hearing?

How can I honor my spirituality?

Which form of artistic expression is calling to me now?

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