Dreaming Global Illumination was created for dreamers by dreamers. In our community, dreaming is not just a fun activity (although it IS fun)—it’s a lifestyle.

We’ve experienced for ourselves how dreams illuminate our self-awareness, healing, and wholeness. Our shared dream is to create a platform for “Main Street” to experience the benefits of dreaming.

As a dreaming community we aspire to create a space where, individually and collectively, we dream with purpose and intent to create health and wholeness for ourselves, for each other, and for the planet.

How it all began and where we’re going:

We dreamt it! No joke.

Our vision for Dreaming Global Illumination was born during our first shared dream incubation and it continues to evolve with ensuing dreams. Sprinkle in a few synchronicities and we believe we have the recipe for a successful blend of learning, sharing, transforming, and healing.

Guided by the metaphors and imagery from our dreams and synchronicities, our shared dream for the future is to expand into a complete membership website with many tracks of delicious offerings via workshops, webinars, teleclasses and more.

Oh, by the way, the first dream depicted a train traveling toward a bridge after miles and miles of walking alone and another dream involved the A&W restaurant!


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The train metaphor continues to provide inspiration for our structure. As dreamers, we’re building bridges, traveling along a track in the same direction. We can board the train from wherever we are, without having to travel out of the way.

If we’re not ready for the ride now, we can wait for the next one. We’re not required to have the same destination. We can ride together until we reach our connections or we can ride together for the duration. Our dream train will continue chugging along, picking up passengers who are ready to share their journeys.

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The A&W dream describes our products, services and mode of delivery. There’s a drive-up opportunity to order, picking and choosing, cafeteria-style nourishment in a homey, comfortable fashion. It has a neighborhood feel, yet there’s an opportunity to drink in powerful healing and growth. Oh, and it brings out our inner child to taste the sweetness in life!

Our partnership, from its inception was dreamy, fun, and sweet. Our very first full moon shared dreaming event came together through synchronicity. I, (Sherry Puricelli) mentioned on Facebook that I was hosting a dream circle during the full moon.  Immediately after posting, I saw Beautiful Artistic renderings of the full moon on a fellow dreamer’s post (not the artist’s wall, mind you). Noticing the synchronicity, not just the Full Moon art, but the art was “Dream Art,” I asked the artist, Brenda Ferrimani, (whom I’d never met) if I could re-post her art for my full moon dream circle. She graciously agreed, and then, also noticing the synchronicity since, at the same time, she was hosting shared dream incubations, she suggested we partner.

The rest, we believe, will go down in dream sharing history!

Dreaming Global Illumination was co-founded in dreams by Sherry Puricelli & Brenda Ferrimani. We hope you’ll ride with us for a while. We look forward to sharing our healing journey with you.